Cynetis Embedded

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Distributor of Embedded Software & Dev. Tools
Paris, France
Main Products
Middleware, Debug Tools, Evaluation Boards

with ORYX

Since 2015

Cynetis is our international sales partner. They offer professional solutions and services for a faster start of your embedded projects.

About Cynetis Embedded

Cynetis offers complete solutions for the development of embedded software and real-time applications based on single or multi-core architecture. They are particularly active on the microcontroller market (ARM Cortex-M MCUs) with professional development tools (IDE/Debugger), real-time operating systems (RTOS), ORYX software bricks (TCP/IP, TLS, SSH, Crypto, Bootloader) and ready-to-use hardware solutions (Evaluation boards, SBCs, SoM modules, Panel PCs).

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