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Partnership with ORYX

NuMaker IoT Platforms
Since 2023

Oryx Embedded has been collaborating with Nuvoton since 2023, starting with the launch of IoT-M467 MCU. Our partnership aims to assist Nuvoton's customers in reducing development efforts and accelerating time to market for implementing TCP/IP connectivity and secure protocols such as TLS, SSH or IPsec.

Nuvoton Technology Corporation (Nuvoton) was founded to bring innovative semiconductor solutions to the market. Nuvoton focuses on the developments of microcontroller, microprocessor, smart home, cloud security, battery monitoring, component, visual sensing and IoT with security ICs and has strong market share in Industrial, Automotive, Communication, Consumer and Computer markets.

Nuvoton Cortex-M4 MCUs

ORYX products available on Nuvoton MCUs

ORYX drivers for Nuvoton MCUs with built-in Ethernet MAC controller

  • M467 Ethernet/Crypto Series (ARM Cortex-M4)NEW
  • M487 Ethernet Series (ARM Cortex-M4)
  • NUC472 Ethernet Series (ARM Cortex-M4) | Not recommended for new designs

We also offer various drivers for supporting Ethernet PHYs, Ethernet switches, Wi-Fi chipsets, cellular modems (using PPP) or standalone Ethernet controllers.

ORYX demos available on standard Nuvoton evaluations boards

  • NuMaker-IoT-M467NEW
  • NuMaker-IoT-M487
  • NuMaker-PFM-M487
  • NuTiny-SDK-NUC472
  • NuMaker-PFM-NUC472