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Partnership with ORYX

ORYX Renesas RA Partner
Since 2021 for RA MCU

Oryx Embedded has been collaborating with Renesas since 2014, starting with the launch of RZ/A1 series. Our networking and security solutions have been ported on several Renesas processors (RA, RX, RZ) helping our customers to reduce development effort and accelerate time to market for implementing TCP/IP connectivity and secure protocols using TLS, SSH or IPsec.

Renesas continuously strives to drive innovation with a comprehensive portfolio of microcontrollers, analog and power devices. They focus on four growth segments: Automotive, Industrial, Infrastructure, and IoT.

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ORYX products available on Renesas MCUs / MPUs

ORYX can run on many different Renesas MCUs / MPUs

  • RA family (ARM Cortex-M4): RA6M1, RA6M2 and RA6M3 series
  • RA family (ARM Cortex-M33): RA4M2, RA4M3, RA6M4 and RA6M5 series
  • RA family (ARM Cortex-M85): RA8D1 and RA8M1 seriesNEW
  • RX family (32-bit RX core): RX600 series
  • RZ family (ARM Cortex-A9): RZ/A1 and RZ/A2 series
  • Synergy family (ARM Cortex-M4): S5 and S7 series

ORYX drivers for Renesas MCUs / MPUs with built-in Ethernet MAC controller

  • RA6E1
  • RA6M2
  • RA6M3
  • RA6M4
  • RA6M5
  • RA8D1NEW
  • RA8M1NEW
  • RX62N
  • RX63N
  • RX64M
  • RX65N
  • RZ/A1LU
  • RZ/A1M
  • RZ/A1H
  • RZ/A2M
  • Synergy S5D9
  • Synergy S7G2

We also offer various drivers for supporting Ethernet PHYs, Ethernet switches, Wi-Fi chipsets, cellular modems (using PPP) or standalone Ethernet controllers.

ORYX drivers for Renesas Ethernet PHYs

  • ICS1894-32
  • uPD60610
  • uPD60611

ORYX demos available on standard Renesas evaluations boards

  • EK-RA4M2
  • EK-RA4M3
  • EK-RA6M1
  • EK-RA6M2
  • EK-RA6M3
  • EK-RA6M4
  • EK-RA6M5
  • FPB-RA4E1
  • FPB-RA6E1
  • RDK-RX62N
  • RDK-RX63N
  • RSK-RX63N
  • RSK-RX63N-256K
  • RSK-RX65N
  • RSK-RX65N-2MB
  • PK-S5D9
  • DK-S7G2
  • SK-S7G2
  • M13-RA6M2-EK
  • M13-RA6M3-EK
  • M13-RA6M4-EK
  • M13-RA6M5-EK
  • M13-RZA2M-EK