llmnr_client.c File Reference

LLMNR client (Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution) More...

#include "core/net.h"
#include "ipv4/ipv4_misc.h"
#include "llmnr/llmnr_client.h"
#include "dns/dns_debug.h"
#include "debug.h"

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error_t llmnrResolve (NetInterface *interface, const char_t *name, HostType type, IpAddr *ipAddr)
 Resolve a host name using LLMNR. More...
error_t llmnrSendQuery (DnsCacheEntry *entry)
 Send a LLMNR query message. More...
void llmnrProcessResponse (NetInterface *interface, const IpPseudoHeader *pseudoHeader, const UdpHeader *udpHeader, const NetBuffer *buffer, size_t offset, const NetRxAncillary *ancillary, void *param)
 Process LLMNR response message. More...

Detailed Description

LLMNR client (Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution)


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Oryx Embedded SARL (www.oryx-embedded.com)

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◆ llmnrProcessResponse()

void llmnrProcessResponse ( NetInterface interface,
const IpPseudoHeader pseudoHeader,
const UdpHeader udpHeader,
const NetBuffer buffer,
size_t  offset,
const NetRxAncillary ancillary,
void *  param 

Process LLMNR response message.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
[in]pseudoHeaderUDP pseudo header
[in]udpHeaderUDP header
[in]bufferMulti-part buffer containing the incoming LLMNR message
[in]offsetOffset to the first byte of the LLMNR message
[in]ancillaryAdditional options passed to the stack along with the packet
[in]paramCallback function parameter (not used)

Definition at line 350 of file llmnr_client.c.

◆ llmnrResolve()

error_t llmnrResolve ( NetInterface interface,
const char_t name,
HostType  type,
IpAddr ipAddr 

Resolve a host name using LLMNR.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
[in]nameName of the host to be resolved
[in]typeHost type (IPv4 or IPv6)
[out]ipAddrIP address corresponding to the specified host name

Definition at line 53 of file llmnr_client.c.

◆ llmnrSendQuery()

error_t llmnrSendQuery ( DnsCacheEntry entry)

Send a LLMNR query message.

[in]entryPointer to a valid DNS cache entry
Error code

Definition at line 214 of file llmnr_client.c.