llmnr_common.h File Reference

Definitions common to LLMNR client and responder. More...

#include "core/net.h"
#include "dns/dns_common.h"

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#define LLMNR_PORT   5355
#define LLMNR_IPV4_MULTICAST_ADDR   IPV4_ADDR(224, 0, 0, 252)


struct {
   char_t   type
   uint32_t   dataStart
   uint32_t   dataLength
   uint8_t   nameLength
   char_t   name []
   uint8_t   tokenLen: 4
   uint8_t   type: 2
   uint8_t   version: 2
   uint8_t   code
   uint16_t   mid
   uint8_t   token []
   union {
      uint8_t   b [6]
      uint16_t   w [3]
   uint16_t   srcPort
   uint16_t   destPort
   uint32_t   seqNum
   uint32_t   ackNum
   uint8_t   reserved1: 4
   uint8_t   dataOffset: 4
   uint8_t   flags: 6
   uint8_t   reserved2: 2
   uint16_t   window
   uint16_t   checksum
   uint16_t   urgentPointer
   uint8_t   options []
   uint16_t   length
   uint8_t   data []
   uint8_t   op
   uint8_t   htype
   uint8_t   hlen
   uint8_t   hops
   uint32_t   xid
   uint16_t   secs
   uint16_t   flags
   Ipv4Addr   ciaddr
   Ipv4Addr   yiaddr
   Ipv4Addr   siaddr
   Ipv4Addr   giaddr
   MacAddr   chaddr
   uint8_t   unused [10]
   uint8_t   sname [64]
   uint8_t   file [128]
   uint32_t   magicCookie
   uint16_t   type
   uint16_t   hardwareType
   uint32_t   time
   MacAddr   linkLayerAddr
   uint16_t   id
   uint8_t   rd: 1
   uint8_t   tc: 1
   uint8_t   aa: 1
   uint8_t   opcode: 4
   uint8_t   qr: 1
   uint8_t   rcode: 4
   uint8_t   z: 3
   uint8_t   ra: 1
   uint16_t   qdcount
   uint16_t   ancount
   uint16_t   nscount
   uint16_t   arcount
   uint8_t   questions []
   uint16_t   controlWord
   uint16_t   byteCount
   uint8_t   bLength
   uint8_t   bDescriptorType
   uint16_t   bcdUsb
   uint8_t   bDeviceClass
   uint8_t   bDeviceSubClass
   uint8_t   bDeviceProtocol
   uint8_t   bMaxPacketSize0
   uint16_t   idVendor
   uint16_t   idProduct
   uint16_t   bcdDevice
   uint8_t   iManufacturer
   uint8_t   iProduct
   uint8_t   iSerialNumber
   uint8_t   bNumConfigurations
   uint8_t   maxRespTime
   Ipv4Addr   groupAddr
   uint16_t   hrd
   uint16_t   pro
   uint8_t   hln
   uint8_t   pln
   uint16_t   op
   MacAddr   sha
   Ipv4Addr   spa
   MacAddr   tha
   Ipv4Addr   tpa
   uint8_t   length
   uint8_t   value []
   uint16_t   first
   uint16_t   last
   uint16_t   next
   union {
      uint8_t   b [16]
      uint16_t   w [8]
      uint32_t   dw [4]
   uint16_t   maxRespDelay
   uint16_t   reserved
   Ipv6Addr   multicastAddr
   uint32_t   reserved
   uint16_t   pvid
   uint8_t   autoNegSupportStatus
   uint16_t   pmdAutoNegAdvCap
   uint16_t   operationalMauType
   uint16_t   capabilities
   uint8_t   deviceType
   uint8_t   lengthH: 1
   uint8_t   lengthL
   uint8_t   t: 1
   uint8_t   c: 1
   union {
      int32_t   integer
      uint8_t   octetString [1]
      uint8_t   oid [1]
      uint8_t   ipAddr [4]
      uint32_t   counter32
      uint32_t   gauge32
      uint32_t   unsigned32
      uint32_t   timeTicks
      uint64_t   counter64
   uint16_t   transactionId
   uint16_t   protocolId
   uint8_t   unitId
   uint8_t   pdu []
   uint8_t   retain: 1
   uint8_t   qos: 2
   uint8_t   dup: 1
   union {
      uint8_t   all
      struct {
         uint8_t   topicIdType: 2
         uint8_t   cleanSession: 1
         uint8_t   will: 1
         uint8_t   retain: 1
         uint8_t   qos: 2
         uint8_t   dup: 1
   uint8_t   b: 1
   uint8_t   identifier
   uint8_t   valueSize
   Ipv4Addr   srcIpAddr
   Ipv4Addr   destIpAddr
   Eui64   interfaceId
   uint16_t   mru
   uint8_t   peerIdLength
   uint8_t   peerId []
   uint32_t   seconds
   uint32_t   fraction
   uint16_t   opcode
   char_t   filename []
   uint8_t   reserved: 3
   uint8_t   fin: 1
   uint8_t   payloadLen: 7
   uint8_t   mask: 1
   uint8_t   extPayloadLen []
   uint32_t   length
   uint8_t   payload []
   uint8_t   protocolVersionId
   uint8_t   bpduType
   StpBridgeId   rootId
   uint32_t   rootPathCost
   StpBridgeId   bridgeId
   uint16_t   portId
   uint16_t   messageAge
   uint16_t   maxAge
   uint16_t   helloTime
   uint16_t   forwardDelay
   uint8_t   version1Length
   uint16_t   priority
   MacAddr   addr
 LLMNR message header. More...



Detailed Description

Definitions common to LLMNR client and responder.


SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later

Copyright (C) 2010-2023 Oryx Embedded SARL. All rights reserved.

This file is part of CycloneTCP Open.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

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Definition in file llmnr_common.h.

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#define LLMNR_IPV4_MULTICAST_ADDR   IPV4_ADDR(224, 0, 0, 252)

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#define LLMNR_PORT   5355

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Typedef Documentation

◆ LlmnrHeader

typedef { ... } LlmnrHeader

LLMNR message header.

Variable Documentation

◆ ancount

uint16_t ancount

Definition at line 99 of file llmnr_common.h.

◆ arcount

uint16_t arcount

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◆ c

uint8_t c

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◆ id

uint16_t id

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◆ nscount

uint16_t nscount

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◆ opcode

uint8_t opcode

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◆ qdcount

uint16_t qdcount

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◆ qr

uint8_t qr

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◆ questions

uint8_t questions[]

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◆ rcode

uint8_t rcode

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◆ t

uint8_t t

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◆ tc

uint8_t tc

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◆ z

uint8_t z

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