PppCallbacks Struct Reference

PPP FSM actions. More...

#include <ppp_fsm.h>

Data Fields

PppThisLayerUp thisLayerUp
PppThisLayerDown thisLayerDown
PppThisLayerStarted thisLayerStarted
PppThisLayerFinished thisLayerFinished
PppInitRestartCount initRestartCount
PppZeroRestartCount zeroRestartCount
PppSendConfigureReq sendConfigureReq
PppSendConfigureAck sendConfigureAck
PppSendConfigureNak sendConfigureNak
PppSendConfigureRej sendConfigureRej
PppSendTerminateReq sendTerminateReq
PppSendTerminateAck sendTerminateAck
PppSendCodeRej sendCodeRej
PppSendEchoRep sendEchoRep

Detailed Description

PPP FSM actions.

Definition at line 152 of file ppp_fsm.h.

Field Documentation

◆ initRestartCount

PppInitRestartCount initRestartCount

Definition at line 158 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ sendCodeRej

PppSendCodeRej sendCodeRej

Definition at line 166 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ sendConfigureAck

PppSendConfigureAck sendConfigureAck

Definition at line 161 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ sendConfigureNak

PppSendConfigureNak sendConfigureNak

Definition at line 162 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ sendConfigureRej

PppSendConfigureRej sendConfigureRej

Definition at line 163 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ sendConfigureReq

PppSendConfigureReq sendConfigureReq

Definition at line 160 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ sendEchoRep

PppSendEchoRep sendEchoRep

Definition at line 167 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ sendTerminateAck

PppSendTerminateAck sendTerminateAck

Definition at line 165 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ sendTerminateReq

PppSendTerminateReq sendTerminateReq

Definition at line 164 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ thisLayerDown

PppThisLayerDown thisLayerDown

Definition at line 155 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ thisLayerFinished

PppThisLayerFinished thisLayerFinished

Definition at line 157 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ thisLayerStarted

PppThisLayerStarted thisLayerStarted

Definition at line 156 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ thisLayerUp

PppThisLayerUp thisLayerUp

Definition at line 154 of file ppp_fsm.h.

◆ zeroRestartCount

PppZeroRestartCount zeroRestartCount

Definition at line 159 of file ppp_fsm.h.

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