SftpFileObject Struct Reference

File or directory object. More...

#include <sftp_server.h>

Data Fields

SftpFileType type
 File type. More...
 Pointer to the SFTP session. More...
char_t path [SFTP_SERVER_MAX_PATH_LEN+1]
 Path name. More...
uint32_t handle
 Opaque value that identifies the file. More...
uint64_t size
 Size of the file. More...
uint64_t offset
 Offset within the file. More...
 File pointer. More...
 Directory pointer. More...

Detailed Description

File or directory object.

Definition at line 185 of file sftp_server.h.

Field Documentation

◆ dir

FsDir* dir

Directory pointer.

Definition at line 194 of file sftp_server.h.

◆ file

FsFile* file

File pointer.

Definition at line 193 of file sftp_server.h.

◆ handle

uint32_t handle

Opaque value that identifies the file.

Definition at line 190 of file sftp_server.h.

◆ offset

uint64_t offset

Offset within the file.

Definition at line 192 of file sftp_server.h.

◆ path

Path name.

Definition at line 189 of file sftp_server.h.

◆ session

Pointer to the SFTP session.

Definition at line 188 of file sftp_server.h.

◆ size

uint64_t size

Size of the file.

Definition at line 191 of file sftp_server.h.

◆ type

File type.

Definition at line 187 of file sftp_server.h.

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