nbns_common.h File Reference

Definitions common to NBNS client and NBNS responder. More...

#include "core/net.h"
#include "dns/dns_common.h"

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#define NBNS_PORT   137
#define NBNS_ENCODE_H(c)   ('A' + (((c) >> 4) & 0x0F))
#define NBNS_ENCODE_L(c)   ('A' + ((c) & 0x0F))


enum  DnsFlags {
  NBNS_ONT_BNODE = 0x0000, NBNS_ONT_PNODE = 0x2000, NBNS_ONT_MNODE = 0x4000, NBNS_G_UNIQUE = 0x0000,
  NBNS_G_GROUP = 0x8000
 NBNS flags. More...


error_t nbnsInit (NetInterface *interface)
 NBNS related initialization. More...
void nbnsProcessMessage (NetInterface *interface, const IpPseudoHeader *pseudoHeader, const UdpHeader *udpHeader, const NetBuffer *buffer, size_t offset, const NetRxAncillary *ancillary, void *param)
 Process incoming NBNS message. More...
size_t nbnsEncodeName (const char_t *src, uint8_t *dest)
 Encode a NetBIOS name. More...
size_t nbnsParseName (const NbnsHeader *message, size_t length, size_t pos, char_t *dest)
 Decode a NetBIOS name. More...
bool_t nbnsCompareName (const NbnsHeader *message, size_t length, size_t pos, const char_t *name)
 Compare NetBIOS names. More...


typedef __packed_struct
 NBNS message header. More...
uint8_t rd
uint8_t tc
uint8_t aa
uint8_t opcode
uint8_t qr
uint8_t rcode
uint8_t b
uint8_t z
uint8_t ra
uint16_t qdcount
uint16_t ancount
uint16_t nscount
uint16_t arcount
uint8_t questions []
Ipv4Addr addr

Detailed Description

Definitions common to NBNS client and NBNS responder.


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Definition in file nbns_common.h.

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Definition at line 40 of file nbns_common.h.


#define NBNS_ENCODE_H (   c)    ('A' + (((c) >> 4) & 0x0F))

Definition at line 49 of file nbns_common.h.


#define NBNS_ENCODE_L (   c)    ('A' + ((c) & 0x0F))

Definition at line 50 of file nbns_common.h.


#define NBNS_PORT   137

Definition at line 46 of file nbns_common.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ DnsFlags

enum DnsFlags

NBNS flags.


Definition at line 62 of file nbns_common.h.

Function Documentation

◆ nbnsCompareName()

bool_t nbnsCompareName ( const NbnsHeader message,
size_t  length,
size_t  pos,
const char_t name 

Compare NetBIOS names.

[in]messagePointer to the NBNS message
[in]lengthLength of the NBNS message
[in]posOffset of the encoded domain name
[in]nameNULL-terminated string that holds a domain name
TRUE if the NetBIOS names match, else FALSE

Definition at line 286 of file nbns_common.c.

◆ nbnsEncodeName()

size_t nbnsEncodeName ( const char_t src,
uint8_t *  dest 

Encode a NetBIOS name.

[in]srcPointer to the name to encode
[out]destPointer to the encoded NetBIOS name
Length of the encoded NetBIOS name

Definition at line 150 of file nbns_common.c.

◆ nbnsInit()

error_t nbnsInit ( NetInterface interface)

NBNS related initialization.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 53 of file nbns_common.c.

◆ nbnsParseName()

size_t nbnsParseName ( const NbnsHeader message,
size_t  length,
size_t  pos,
char_t dest 

Decode a NetBIOS name.

[in]messagePointer to the NBNS message
[in]lengthLength of the NBNS message
[in]posOffset of the name to decode
[out]destPointer to the decoded name (optional)
The position of the resource record that immediately follows the NetBIOS name

Definition at line 202 of file nbns_common.c.

◆ nbnsProcessMessage()

void nbnsProcessMessage ( NetInterface interface,
const IpPseudoHeader pseudoHeader,
const UdpHeader udpHeader,
const NetBuffer buffer,
size_t  offset,
const NetRxAncillary ancillary,
void *  param 

Process incoming NBNS message.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
[in]pseudoHeaderUDP pseudo header
[in]udpHeaderUDP header
[in]bufferMulti-part buffer containing the incoming NBNS message
[in]offsetOffset to the first byte of the NBNS message
[in]ancillaryAdditional options passed to the stack along with the packet
[in]paramCallback function parameter (not used)

Definition at line 80 of file nbns_common.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ __packed_struct

typedef __packed_struct
Initial value:
uint16_t id

NBNS message header.

NBNS address entry.

Definition at line 84 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ aa

uint8_t aa

Definition at line 100 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ addr

Ipv4Addr addr

Definition at line 123 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ ancount

uint16_t ancount

Definition at line 109 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ arcount

uint16_t arcount

Definition at line 111 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ b

uint8_t b

Definition at line 104 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ NbnsAddrEntry


Definition at line 124 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ NbnsHeader


Definition at line 113 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ nscount

uint16_t nscount

Definition at line 110 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ opcode

uint8_t opcode

Definition at line 101 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ qdcount

uint16_t qdcount

Definition at line 108 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ qr

uint8_t qr

Definition at line 102 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ questions

uint8_t questions[]

Definition at line 112 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ ra

uint8_t ra

Definition at line 106 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ rcode

uint8_t rcode

Definition at line 103 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ rd

uint8_t rd

Definition at line 98 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ tc

uint8_t tc

Definition at line 99 of file nbns_common.h.

◆ z

uint8_t z

Definition at line 105 of file nbns_common.h.