SshEncryptionEngine Struct Reference

Encryption engine. More...

#include <ssh.h>

Data Fields

CipherMode cipherMode
 Cipher mode of operation. More...
const CipherAlgocipherAlgo
 Cipher algorithm. More...
CipherContext cipherContext
 Cipher context. More...
const HashAlgohashAlgo
 Hash algorithm for MAC operations. More...
 HMAC context. More...
size_t macSize
 Size of the MAC tag, in bytes. More...
bool_t etm
 Encrypt-then-MAC. More...
 Initialization vector. More...
uint8_t encKey [SSH_MAX_ENC_KEY_SIZE]
 Encryption key. More...
size_t encKeyLen
 Length of the encryption key, in bytes. More...
 Integrity key. More...
uint8_t seqNum [4]
 Sequence number. More...
GcmContext gcmContext
 GCM context. More...
uint8_t aad [4]
 Additional authenticated data. More...

Detailed Description

Encryption engine.

Definition at line 1257 of file ssh.h.

Field Documentation

◆ aad

uint8_t aad[4]

Additional authenticated data.

Definition at line 1275 of file ssh.h.

◆ cipherAlgo

const CipherAlgo* cipherAlgo

Cipher algorithm.

Definition at line 1260 of file ssh.h.

◆ cipherContext

CipherContext cipherContext

Cipher context.

Definition at line 1261 of file ssh.h.

◆ cipherMode

CipherMode cipherMode

Cipher mode of operation.

Definition at line 1259 of file ssh.h.

◆ encKey

uint8_t encKey[SSH_MAX_ENC_KEY_SIZE]

Encryption key.

Definition at line 1267 of file ssh.h.

◆ encKeyLen

size_t encKeyLen

Length of the encryption key, in bytes.

Definition at line 1268 of file ssh.h.

◆ etm

bool_t etm


Definition at line 1265 of file ssh.h.

◆ gcmContext

GcmContext gcmContext

GCM context.

Definition at line 1272 of file ssh.h.

◆ hashAlgo

const HashAlgo* hashAlgo

Hash algorithm for MAC operations.

Definition at line 1262 of file ssh.h.

◆ hmacContext

HmacContext* hmacContext

HMAC context.

Definition at line 1263 of file ssh.h.

◆ iv

Initialization vector.

Definition at line 1266 of file ssh.h.

◆ macKey


Integrity key.

Definition at line 1269 of file ssh.h.

◆ macSize

size_t macSize

Size of the MAC tag, in bytes.

Definition at line 1264 of file ssh.h.

◆ seqNum

uint8_t seqNum[4]

Sequence number.

Definition at line 1270 of file ssh.h.

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